Final Fantasy 15 Dev Not Worried About Nude Mods on PC

Final Fantasy 15 Dev Not Worried About Nude Mods on PC

With a PC port of Final Fantasy 15 slated for release early next year, the minds behind the title are already thinking ahead as to what players will expect out of the new version and the abilities they can offer. One element in particular regards game mods, which has been a consistently hot topic of conversation in the Final Fantasy community over the years. Though modding can, in certain instances, be a cause for concern, for Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata, there are more important things to think about.

Speaking in an interview with PCGamesN at Gamescom earlier this week, Tabata revealed that he and his team were initially concerned over the type of content that would be modded into the PC version of Final Fantasy 15. “Obviously there’s some worry about ‘we’ve made this great world and people might try to stuff all kind of strange things into it and mess it up,’” he explained.

This includes the largest issue the creatives face: nude modding, which would strip fan-favorite characters like Notis’ mechanic Cindy down to their skivvies or beyond. According to Tabata, when the team met to “air out their worries,” the notion of nude mods being added to the game was something most people were extremely worried about.

final fantasy 15 nude mods dev not worried


However, what trumps that anxiety in the end is the importance of ensuring players have the freedom to play Final Fantasy 15 in their own personal way. Tabata and the game’s team ultimately chose to allow players full autonomy to create and use mods, as the guarantee that fans won’t be limited is stronger in Tabata’s mind than any potentially inappropriate content getting loaded into the game. “I don’t want to limit people too much,” he said. “[Modding] is part of the culture of gaming these days. These people… it’s a thing they’ve bought, it’s their game now.”

This isn’t to say that Tabata is entirely comfortable with nude mods, though. He stated that while he doesn’t think it’s “a good thing,” the team is going to “leave it to the moral sense of all the players out there” to decide whether they want to use nude mods. Again, this links back to Tabata’s main desire, as a principle, to grant players as much freedom and as few limitations within Final Fantasy 15 as possible.

final fantasy 15 nude mods pc version

Tabata’s comments here fall directly in line with ones he made to engadget when discussing the possibility of level editing in the Final Fantasy 15 PC port. He even used some of the same language, explaining that limitations were placed on the game’s console versions to ensure that it ran properly, but those barriers are broken down for the PC version — especially in terms of modding. “PC gaming has a culture of customization and modification, and we want to ensure that those gamers can do what they want to the game,” said Tabata.

Big-ticket game franchises and developers haven’t always been welcoming of mod creators — just a few examples include Grand Theft Auto Online and Nintendo banning modders on PC and 3DS, respectively — so it’s certainly refreshing to hear Tabata accept that it’s a part of modern gaming culture and encourage its growth, even if that means seeing the guys and gals of Final Fantasy 15 in their birthday suits.

Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition releases in early 2018 on PC. Final Fantasy 15 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.


Source: PCGamesN



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