Mercenaries Saga Chronicles announced for Switch

Mercenaries Saga Chronicles announced for Switch

Mercenaries Saga 1, 2, and 3.

Circle Entertainment is bringing the Mercenaries Saga tactical RPG trilogy to Switch as Mercenaries Saga Chronicles, the company announced.

The trilogy will include Mercenaries SagaMercenaries Saga 2: Order of the Silver Eagle, and Mercenaries Saga 3: Gray Wolves of War. The latter two titles are currently available in English across iOS, Android, and 3DS, while the original Mercenaries Saga is currently only available in Japanese for iOS and Android. This will mark the first time the original Mercenaries Saga is released in English.

Circle Entertainment will share more information soon. For now, find a rundown of Mercenaries Saga 2 and Mercenaries Saga 3 below.

Mercenaries Saga 2: Order of the Silver Eagle (

Mercenaries Saga 2 is a Tactical RPG based on a fantasy world’s stage.

Claude is the captain of the Kingdom’s Order of the Silver Eagle. One day while he guarded Prince Laz’s hunting session, an assassin appeared. Claude covers the prince’s escape and stops the assassin, but it was just a trap and the prince has been poisoned by a blade.

To aid the prince, Claude has to lead the Silver Eagle north so that they can find the only antidote an Erni Herb…

  • Mercenaries Saga 2 is a Tactical Strategy RPG based on a fantasy world’s stage.
  • Battles engage in quarter view map and tactics vary from different terrain. Characters can take advantage from standing position to assist each other and attacking enemies’ back.Use acquired points to learn new skill and change class, level up by free battle, full repeatable gameplay is possible.

Mercenaries Saga 3: Gray Wolves of War (

Battles take place on an isometric grid, requiring you to move characters and take advantage of terrain in order to be successful.

Long ago there were two continents, split into north and south by a large ocean. These two continents under went vastly different development.

In the north continent, the Flare Kingdom, with their advanced industry and powerful military background, expanded their sphere of influence. They annexed neighboring states until the entire north continent was under their control.

On the other hand, the tribes of the Kirialos country in the southern continent were at constant war over their plentiful resources.

Having achieved domination of their own continent, the Flare Kingdom set their sights on Kirialos’s resources.

The Flare Kingdom intervened in the wars on the south continent in the name of peacekeeping, but took complete control in the blink of an eye.

The Flare Kingdom set up a puppet government in Kirialos, whilst syphoning the wealth obtained from its resources back to their own continent.

That’s when the “Liberation Army” appeared – it’s sights set on overthrowing the Kingdom and its puppet government.

To deal with this uprising, the Kingdom set up a local ministry of war. The name of the Kingdom’s foreign campaign regiment was “Coronea”―

The mercenaries who joined this unit, be it for money, fame or honor, became known as the “Kingdom’s Dogs”. This is where their story begins.




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