Overwatch’s Junkertown Queen is revealed

Overwatch’s Junkertown Queen is revealed

But will she appear in game?


With Overwatch’s newest map, Junkertown, now being available to play on the Public Test Realm(PTR), more and more about the map and its “story” are beginning to unfold. When the first teaser for the map was announced at GamesCom, the overview of the map was narrated by a woman who referred to herself as the “Queen” of Junkertown, a character we’ve never heard about before.

While it was never announced or even remotely teased, this Queen has quickly become a topic of interest among fans, who, sight unseen, have asked for her to be in the game. But with the PTR now live, fans have finally been given a first look at the queen from a poster on the wall.

junkertown queen

The post above clearly depicts a character, similar to both Junkrat and Roadhog, in that she wears a lot of spikes, metal and for lack of a better term, post-apocalyptic “gear.” It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that she would fit in perfectly with a Mad Max crowd.

Her weapon of choice looks to be some type of mace, possibly, but not as big as Reinhardt’s hammer. It may be possible that she could be another tank type character, seeing how Doomfist (the last hero to the Overwatch roster) was an offensive addition. Though, we did just get Orisa before Doomfist. It’s also entirely possible that she may not be coming to the game at all. If she doesn’t, Blizzard is going to have an angry mob on their hands.

What do you all think of the Junkertown Queen?


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