Rumor: Overwatch Halloween Event Date Leaks

Rumor: Overwatch Halloween Event Date Leaks

October is one day away and gamers are starting to prepare for spooky scary events to begin in all of their favorite service-based games. Blizzard always has a flare for the holidays and players who are active in any of the company’s games can likely expect that some special October events are just around the corner. A possible leaked promo image may reveal the first details about when Overwatch players will start to celebrate the holiday this year.

The above Overwatch image was posted on Reddit and paired with another photo that suggests it is meant to go on display on October 9, 2017. Assuming the event announcement comes one day before the activities begin (like usual), that would mean Halloween Terror 2017 should begin on October 10. The tenth is a Tuesday, which lines up with when changes usually roll out for the game. That said, we haven’t been able to confirm the authenticity of this poster and there are a few aspects that make it just a bit suspicious…

Before diving into an analysis, here’s a look at the second photo that was posted alongside the rumored leak…


The most suspicious thing about the poster is that the art features a skin from last year’s event. It seems like Blizz may want to use a new piece of advertising as an opportunity to highlight something new, but fans have some other theories on that. Some members of the community think that Blizzard included an old skin on the poster because the company knew that the promo material would get leaked before the real announcement. This way, the first look at new skins or other loot crate contents won’t arrive until the official announcement trailer.

Last year’s event started on October 11, so whether the poster is real or not, it does seem likely that the event will probably fire off on October 10 and run for three weeks. If that’s the case, players should keep an eye out for an official announcement on Monday, October 9.

Check back for updates and we’ll post the official details about the incoming event as soon as we have them.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.



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